Reptiles on the Loose!

No, there were not really any reptiles on the loose… except for the dinosaur in the video above (which was really a “dino-suit” provided by the Miami Children’s Museum), which inspired and interacted with kids all day long. But at our annual Reptile Day, visitors did get to share the Museum with all kinds of reptiles who came out to spend time with them. Wildlife Center staff brought out our own Museum’s reptiles, like the python and the bearded dragon, for “Wildlife Encounters” throughout the day. Inside the Museum, visitors could attend a “Dino-Builder” show to learn about how dinosaur bones, fossils, and even footprints can help us envision what dinosaurs looked like and how they lived… Or the adventurous visitors could even sample some special dishes from Chef Kat Duran, who incorporated some unique ingredients into her creations – like mealworms, quail eggs, and crickets! Some of our visitors were not even of the human variety. Some visitors (who registered in advance) brought their pets – turtles, snakes, iguanas, lizards, and more. The turtles “raced” along a wooden track (guided by some gentle nudging or treats of lettuce from their owners), and other reptiles hung out in a tent with their owners, to try to win the reptile contest! The Florida Nature Conservancy was also on hand talking about “Python Patrol,” and the University of Miami’s Explorer Series featured “Fascinating Reptiles of the Galapagos Islands.” It was a day full of fun, family, and friends! (And that includes our reptilian friends.)


reptile 2

Lizard Day At MiamiSci Photo by Barry Fellman 9798

Photo from Barry Fellman

Lizard Day At MiamiSci Photo by Barry Fellman 9857

Photo from Barry Fellman

reptile 3

Museum President/CEO Gillian Thomas and Avian Biologist Marina Boucher spoke on NBC6 about our Reptile Day!

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