Roughing It on the Upward Bound Camping Trip

“This was the best experience in my life. I can’t wait to do this next year!” This kind of response, from a 9th grade student who participated in her first Upward Bound annual camping trip, is what we live for at the Museum. This year, 32 students went on the camping trip to Markham Park, on the edge of the Everglades. There were team-building activities like making a human spider web, leadership activities like figuring out a group puzzle without talking, and one-on-one mentoring talks. Something they did NOT have (shocker alert) is cell phones or any other electronics! Some students may have found it difficult not to be able to text for three whole days, but the idea of the trip was to accomplish tasks in teams, learn to communicate your thoughts and feelings, and try new things with new people. And throughout all of it there was lots of other camping fun – putting up and sleeping in your own tent, making s’mores, telling ghost stories, looking at constellations, and even going on night excursions to see wildlife. No wonder students can’t wait until next year!

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