Science Stars at Comstock Elementary

It can be difficult for some schools to provide opportunities to get their students to the Museum. And it’s a goal of the Museum to involve our entire community (and beyond) in the amazing adventure of science. So through our Science Stars program, we are making an effort to go out into the community to reach those students who are not able to visit us. Between now and the opening of our new Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, we will work with Miami-Dade County Public Schools to select nine schools per year and connect that school with a “Science Star” who will give a special presentation about their field of science and what inspired them to pursue that career. Each school, along with children’s families, will then be invited to a free event at the Museum where they will receive a free 1-year family membership to the Museum – so they can come back again!

In December the program continued with a visit to Comstock Elementary School with Science Star Lindsay Bartholomew. With a background in physics and astronomy, and currently the Science Curator for the Miami Science Museum, Lindsay shared stories about what inspired her to pursue a career in science (those first glimpses at the Moon through a telescope, hearing from her Grandpa at 5 years old that the Sun was 93 MILLION miles away), and shared other stories about some unique experiences that continue to inspire her (like going on an expedition to Antarctica to learn about climate change). During the presentation, students were taken on a trek into Antarctica (did you know that baby penguins go to “penguin kindergarten” when they’re old enough for their parents to go get dinner, but not quite old enough to be left alone?), and then on a journey through the solar system (did you know that Saturn would float if you could find a bathtub big enough?). Then Lindsay led the students in a Jeopardy-like trivia game, and made a scientific discovery – Comstock Elementary has lots of potential future scientists!

Do you know the question for this trivia answer in the “Planet Puzzle” category? The students did!

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