Science Stars – Bunche Park Elementary

Science Stars, onward! Our second school of the year, Bunche Park Elementary, participated in this program with the Museum and Miami-Dade County Public Schools, in order to give students and their families access to the Museum and real local scientists – and to amp up excitement for our new Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science! The Museum’s own Fernando Bretos and Michelle Beumer first visited the school, and told the students all about sea turtles, and the mangrove environments that are so important to people and animals in south Florida. Then on September 26, students and their families were invited to return to the Museum for a special visit designed just for them. Over 190 arrived on 3 complimentary school buses provided by the Museum and the Science Stars program, who then had access to Museum exhibits in the evening, and were treated to a special planetarium show, a nice pizza dinner, and even a game of sea turtle bingo!





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