Space, Time, and Effort: All for Children

The Museum’s ECHOS program has a big goal: to test the effectiveness of a museum-developed early science readiness curriculum and related teacher professional development. By expanding science units to include math, language, and literacy, the research project will demonstrate the potential of ECHOS to improve teacher practice and student achievement at the preschool level.

A big program with big goals needs lots of materials. Get ready to do some math. There are 9 ECHOS units and 45 classrooms (involving 90 teachers and teacher assistants) throughout Miami. The Museum holds monthly workshops throughout the school year (1 per unit), and each of the 45 classrooms receives 1 bin of materials per unit. When preparing for these workshops, 150 boxes at a time get delivered to the Museum on 7 pallets. That is for 3 workshops. But we still need 2 more deliveries of that size to get all the materials for all 9 units. The final answer?

450 boxes + 21 pallets + lots of storage space + lots of time and effort = effective resources for teachers + young children learning science.

That’s a good answer.

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