Spectacular, Scientific, Successful – Summer Camp 2013!

This year we had (as the title of this post suggests) a spectacular Summer Camp season at the Museum! And our Summer Camp teachers have as much fun as the students. Here are a couple things they had to say:

“I showed them a huge yellow ball representing the Sun, and asked them to guess which of the smaller blue balls would be the Earth in the same scale. They were amazed that the Earth was the tiniest blue marble! Those a-ha moments are the best.”

“Working with little ones, and seeing their wide-eyed fascination with science, completely reinvigorates my own fascination with science!”

Here is our Summer Camp success, according to numbers:
385 students… Pre-K to 8th grade… 8 weeks… 67 classes

And here is our Summer Camp success, according to smiles:


Junior Secret Agents
Disguising themselves as they investigated secret messages in invisible ink


Body Shop
Learning about parts of the body by making and “wearing” a skeleton


Animal Tales
Learning about mammals by designing masks and pretending to be cats



Exploring the Museum
All smiles exploring the Museum and sitting inside a huge tire


Exploring the Museum
Having fun putting shirts on backwards to show off the logos

Don’t forget that we have mini-camps, winter camps, and spring camps too!
Check back later here!

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