Spicy Science

Spices provide flavor, variety, and interest in food. At the Museum, SPICE means Science Program Inspiring Creative Exhibits, but it’s still the same idea. The program is meant to help prepare a diverse next generation of female scientists. Girls from Charles Drew Middle School participating in the program developed tabletop exhibits about the human body. At a Family Day event, the girls were able to show off what they learned to their families and friends. Here’s a little collection of what the girls did, and what they had to say.







It’s my job to get the work done. I’m not here just to be here, I’m here to be a part of the program, enjoy, and explore new things to have a better understanding. Santavia (7th grade)

Wow! Today was a workday but I thank you for teaching me all you can. I enjoyed myself. Jasmin (6th grade)

We learned how to work together and we did a project together. I know the parts of the human body now. Kendra (6th grade)







I’m so happy for the lesson on the cardiovascular system. It is so easy and I understand everything the professor explains about the heart. Dayanara (7th grade)

Today at SPICE girls I learned many things about my body. I found out that the liver is a part of the digestive system and I learned all about emotional eating. The top thing women eat when stressed sad or depressed is ice cream. Shavonne (8th grade)

Today was again a very exciting day because I got to help complete typing up the rap for the digestive system and let me tell you it is so tight and funny. I loved it and this day as well. What such fun I have. Tierra (8th grade)


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