Student Blog: Gandhi Day 2013 – MUVE Style


On Saturday, October 12, 2013, students from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL participated in Gandhi Day, an annual service day at the university.  This year, some students and I helped MUVE, Museum Volunteers for the Environment, with the Miami Science Museum in order to restore a beach littered with an invasive species known as Scaevola spp.  The species is native to Australia and its extensive root system prevents the growth of many other plant species on the beach. MUVE is helping to remove this species from a Virginia Key beach to open it up to the public sometime within the next two years. 

Working to remove the invasive species from the beach was a very rewarding experience because we were helping the environment and the community by clearing the beach.  For me personally, and I speak for other volunteers when I say this, the work was tough but satisfying.  I believe in working to preserve the environment and its beauty, so it was nice to finally give back and act upon that.  I knew that my service was worth it and one day, when the beach opens to the public, I will be able to appreciate it with my friends.  It was enjoyable removing the Scaevola spp. and all of the students got along great and worked well together.  The MUVE team was very helpful, informative, and passionate about conserving the environmental beauty of South Florida.

Overall, the experience was worth it and it was pleasing to see that our work will one day benefit the community.

-Andrew Eidelberg, University of Miami Student ‘17




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