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The Curious Vault 002: Turtles

A living fossil, sea turtles still nest up and down the busy and overbuilt South Florida coast and travel past our shores throughout the year. The various species of ocean roaming turtle are approximately 200-300 million years old but because … Continue reading

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Go Green!

There are only so many hours in the day, but still, students in the second session of Digital WAVE this summer managed to build an entire 3D house in a virtual world in just 2 weeks. The goal was to … Continue reading

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The Greenest (Virtual) House in Miami!

The Digital WAVE students have learned a lot this summer – building their own circuits powered by wind, water, and the Sun… following through the Energy Tracker exhibits at the Museum… meeting Martin Keeley, Education Director of the Mangrove Action … Continue reading

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Restoring Mangroves on Virginia Key

Being in south Florida, we are literally surrounded by precious natural environments – the ocean, the coral reefs, mangroves, the Everglades, to name a few. That means we are in a position to negatively affect our surroundings if we don’t … Continue reading

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Reclamation Project on Care2!

Art. Science. Mangroves. These three words are not usually put in the same sentence. But they are the core ideas behind the Museum’s Reclamation Project, which has a singular goal to help reclaim south Florida environments for nature. As part of the … Continue reading

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