The Science of Music


The New World Symphony

On Sunday, the Museum participated in the New World Symphony’s “A Family Affair,” and showed kids and families that music and science are actually very closely related. A spectacular concert performance by the symphony and Conducting Fellow Joshua Gersen celebrated the universally known music of composer John Williams, and included the film scores of Star Wars, Jurassic Park, E.T., and more. After the concert, families were invited to explore a building full of activities, and the Miami Science Museum was on hand to lead activities related to sound and light – what better way to connect music, science, and Star Wars? Kids were able to set up a series of mirrors to create a laser maze, use special filters to safely observe the Sun, and use musical triangles to test the Doppler Effect (the change in the pitch of a sound due to the relative motion of the source of a sound compared to the observer).

Listening to the symphony perform reinforces the power of music – how you can quite literally feel the energy of the stories being told through the sound. And learning about the science of sound and light with the Miami Science Museum’s activities reinforces the fact that science is all around us, in what we see, hear, feel, and understand.


Laser Maze!


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