Treasures at the Museum: Miami Mineralogical and Lapidary Guild

Treasures of green, gold, translucent blue… with swirls, crystals, and sparkle… some in their pure form, and some turned into wearable art. Tables of fossils of all shapes and sizes, along with the Museum’s “Fossil Frank,” who can answer nearly anything about fossils. This was the scene at last weekend’s Mineralogical and Lapidary Guild Show held here at the Museum. Lapidary refers to an artist skilled in transforming stones, minerals, and precious gems into carved, polished, or engraved pieces of artwork. At the show, which was free with Museum admission, the raw gems and minerals were in beautiful displays, as well as the final pieces of finished gems and jewelry which were on sale. But this is the Miami Science Museum, and we always want to know the “how.” How does this raw piece of Earth turn into this sparkling piece of art? So in addition to exhibits and displays, vendors and Museum staff led classes and presentations on rock polishing, jewelry making, glass art, and more!


Vendor Booth: Crystal Grace Jewelry


Vendor Booth: Divine Spirit Creations


Vendor Booth: Whimitive Editions





Carefully polishing a rare, beautiful stone


The stone, before and after polishing


Art Glass Demo: Rowe Studios Art Glass





Making your own beaded jewely


Going on a gem and mineral scavenger hunt


Demonstration: Use minerals for makeup

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