Tuesday Tunes

The Museum is like a second home for many students in the Upward Bound Math & Science program. In addition to actively participating in the program on the weekends through the academic year, as well as over the summer, to help prepare for pursuing science-related majors in college, many students come to the Museum’s Best Buy Teen Tech Center after school, to work on homework and try out special projects with the amazing technology in there. So when several students expressed interest in music and learning to play the keyboard, we made it happen.  Upward Bound Project Director Touri White, who has a background in music with the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, organized “Tuesday Tunes” to teach interested students about music theory and keyboard lessons after school. Using keyboards donated by Abigail Dubearn, Museum benefactor and Gala Committee member, students are learning about scales, rhythm, “sharps” and “flats” (those are the black keys on the keyboard, if you’ve ever wondered), and more – then learning how to put it all together. Just like in science, it helps to understand music theory before you can put it into practice. Our next step is to blend those two seemingly opposite disciplines into one melody – “the science of music.”



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