Upward Bound Holiday Talent Show

Students in the Museum’s Upward Bound program work and have fun in the program all year long. Every year, Upward Bound staff holds a Holiday Talent Show that has been a tradition during the holiday break.  Students prepare songs and poetry, as well as dances and other musical acts, and perform for their peers, Upward Bound alumni, Museum staff, family and friends, and other guests.  The event began with a greeting by Student Masters of Ceremony Oscar and Zaneika, including salutations in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole, and continued with lunch and refreshments. Then the big show began. Guests were treated to a variety of acts and music themes, but one thing was evident throughout – the incredible range of talent of these young people. Students not only showcased talent however, they showcased the teamwork and life skills they have learned in the program. When one student hesitated onstage during a song due to nerves, some other students went up onstage and danced to the music, encouraging him to continue – the result was an amazing performance that brought down the house. Talent, compassion, teamwork, and fun - it all combines to make one memorable holiday show!


Claude and Andrew giving a rap perfmormance


Aminah performing a song for the audience









Raymond leading a group of students in a song and dance number

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