What’s NEXT?

It can easily be argued that innovation is a necessity of life. Without new ideas, new technologies, new adaptations, and new improvements, we would not be able to better our lives or the world around us. At our event last weekend NEXT: From Nano to Macro, Innovation at Every Scale, sponsored by Ryder, visitors saw some amazing new technologies, while using their own imaginations to design new things, both real and digital. Visitors saw a brand new “green” Ryder truck… climbed into an electric Tesla car and peeked inside the hood (where there was no engine)… heard music made by manipulating electrical circuits… warped the planetarium dome with their own movements… experimented with next generation materials and nanotechnology… designed their own app… coded their own software… tested their skill of remotely controlling a robot… repurposed cardboard and other materials to design their own inventions… and more! By the end of the day, the amazing artists, designers, and engineers participating in the event had no doubt inspired the next generation of innovators.

Check out what’s next at NEXT!


Wind tubes and colorful robotic scribbling and more with REM Learning Center


Playing “musical hopscotch” with DRC Arduino Brigade – put your hand or body in the path of the signal beam, and make a musical note. Step forward or back, and make another note!


Remotely controlling a robot with FIU IEEE, and firing pellets at space targets


Design your own app with TECKpert


Musical circuit bending with Nicole Martinez and Buffalo Brown


In this NISE NanoDays activity – you see a red object in the glass on the left, and a clear object in the glass on the right. But there is a second object in the left glass! By understanding light and materials, you can make things invisible.


Investigating a Tesla electric car (the hood is open showing there is no engine inside)


“Warping” the Planetarium dome with light, using your own movements, with Phenomenal Experience Agency


The “Maker Space” and repurposing objects into new things, with Ernesto Oroza


Repurposing cardboard to design and fill the belly of “The Beast” with artist Kerry Phillips


Steve Monroe, Vice President for Innovation Initiatives at Ryder, and member of the Museum’s Board of Trustees Executive Committee, talked about all the ways Ryder is incorporating innovative materials and practices in their operations. And a few lucky visitors won Ryder model trucks, hats, and more!


Thanks to our event sponsor Ryder for making all of this possible!

Thanks to all of our partners on this event!

Artist Kerry Phillips
Artist and designer Ernesto Oroza
Nicole Martinez and Buffalo Brown
Dade Radio Club Arduino Brigade
Phenomenal Experience Agency
CoderDojo Miami
University of Miami’s Dr. John T. MacDonald Foundation Biomedical Nanotechnology Institute
University of Miami College of Engineering
The Lab Miami
NISE Network
The Launch Pad
Florida International University Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Florida International University Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Material Advantage at FIU
REM Learning Center
Miami-Dade County
City of Miami
Florida Division of Cultural Affairs


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