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Activities & Services

Information Sharing and Dissemination

  • developing mechanisms to share library holdings and scientific databases
  • creating exhibitions and publishing brochures, pamphlets, and booklets highlighting resources in tropical biology
  • using electronic opportunities (websites, databases, home pages, public exhibits) to publicize the rich resources of CETroB

Research Collaboration

  • encouraging collaborative research projects and funding proposals among institutions
  • assisting the museums and botanical gardens in developing joint research projects with the universities that would have an education component linked to outreach efforts

Education, Training and Service

  • developing joint training programs and opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students and interns
  • identifying funding opportunities to support more foreign students at CETroB institutions
  • developing training collaborations with other local, national, and international organizations

Advocacy and Community Outreach

  • organizing a major conference on tropical biology that includes both public and scientific sessions
  • developing an annual symposium to highlight research and community outreach projects of each CETroB organization
  • initiating joint funding proposals which include research, training, and community outreach components

Aerial view showing the northern portion of the 120-acre Montgomery Botanical Center, known for its international scientifically valuable collection of tropical plants.

A ten-hectare fragment of rain forest in the central Amazon under investigation by National Museum of Natural History scientists.

Balloons are used by University of Miami researchers to sample air far above the forest canopy.

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