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Identifies object properties
Uses senses to observe concrete, familiar objects
Differentiates between models and the real thing
Uses measurement tools to record observations
Uses tools to observe objects or events
Describes key attributes of objects
Creates drawings or models depicting objects
Describes changes in objects
Discusses changes in variables that affect investigation
Notices similarities and differences
Sorts objects into groups using one attribute at a time
Establishes own sorting criteria
Sorts objects using multiple attributes
Provides reasoning for grouping objects
Verbalizes thinking
Recognizes and extends patterns
Makes simple predictions
Makes predictions based on observations
Uses estimation to make quantitative predictions
Investigates models of objects/phenomena
Manipulates materials
Identifies factors that might affect outcome of experiment
Participates in collecting data
Interprets data using symbols or graphs
Performs trial-and-error investigations
Drawing Conclusions
Makes verbal interpretations of observations
Finds patterns from data collected
Connects findings from an investigation

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