It's Alive!

The biosphere is home to a diverse population of living things - including human beings - that are dependent upon one another.

If you see something that's alive, you're in the biosphere. It includes animals, plants, fungi, and even tiny one-celled organisms.

This sphere of life stretches from the deepest reaches of the ocean to the top of the highest mountains. It probably includes tens of millions of different kinds of life, but we have only identified about two million of them.

Some animals, such as chameleons, can change their appearence in order to blend in. Some plants, such as poison ivy, have irritating chemicals for protection. These survival techniques are called adaptations. Can you think of another example of an adaptation?

The biosphere is divided into biomes, such as grasslands, deserts, and oceans. Biomes can further be divided into habitats. Coral reefs are one type of habitat found in the ocean. The Florida Everglades is a special grassland habitat. What natural habitats are closest to your home?

The following environmental educational activities were developed by students participating in the museum's UniTY program:


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