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This collaborative web site could not have been accomplished without the efforts of the staff, interns, and volunteers at the Miami Museum of Science and the faculty, students, and administration at Avocado Elementary.


EcoLinks Web Site

Webmaster, Writer, Graphic Designer: Brooks Weisblat
Contributing Writer and Graphic Designer: Ted Meyers
Scientific Advisors: Christina Casado, Brian Mealey
Editor: Annette Gallager


Classroom Activities

Activities: UniTY Students
School Liaison: Mark Bong
Contributing Teachers: Carmen Johnson, Carlyn Little

Coral Reef

Mentor: Eileen Sosna
Participants: David Sosna, Taís Rodríguez, Mayra Cruz, Omar
Sponsor: Unisys


Editors: Brooks Weisblat, Ted Myers
School Liaison, Contributing Photographer: Carlyn Little
Participating Teachers: Gloria Cobble, Jennifer Kilpatrick, Carol Langford, Debra McDonald, Laura Mestre, Carolyn Olson, Helen Patnode, Leslie Ann Rolle, Jackie Stone
Sponsors: National Science Foundation, Unisys

Florida Bay

Mentors: Houtan Sareh, Jennifer Schooley
Researchers: Brian Mealey, Greta Parks
Graphic Designer: Peter Allende
Participants: Galo Aguirre, Arielle Castillo, Ivania Chavarria, Robin Escobedo, Carolyn Mullin, Helena Pérez Christian Portillo
Sponsor: South Florida Water Management District

Maps as Inquiry

Designer, Writer: Ted Myers


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