The Everglades


Earth has many different habitats. Habitats are areas in which different kinds of plants and animals live. Every habitat has its own unique ecosystem. In a balanced ecosystem, plants and animals live side by side and help each other survive. All life on Earth is interconnected.

In the Everglades, there are five unique habitats with plants and animals living together.

 Hammock  Mangrove  Pineland  Sawgrass  Slough





Alligator Anhinga Black bear Apple snail
American crocodile Bald eagle Florida panther Butterfly
Coral snake Barred owl Grey fox Dragonfly
Diamondback rattlesnake Brown pelican Key deer  Spotted gar
Green sea turtle Great blue heron Manatee Tree frog
Green snake Osprey Otter Tree Snail
Indigo snake Purple gallinule Raccoon  
King snake  Red-shouldered hawk    
Red rat snake Roseate spoonbill    
Snapping turtle Sand hill crane    
Water moccasin Turkey vulture  
White Ibis    
Wood duck    

Wood stork

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