The Everglades

Apple Snail 


The apple snail is a shiny brown snail. It looks like a little ping pong ball in the dry season. They move by gliding along on a layer of mucus. It finds it way by using its sensitive tentacles or feelers.

The apple snail gets its food by feeding on plants above and under the water. It might eat small microscopic organisms.

They are omnivorous.

Although they live mostly in water, the apple snail lays its pink egg masses on the sawgrass above the water.<P>

Sometimes a fire will kill the snails if the glades are too dry. If the glades are too wet the eggs may be eaten by fish. When the apple snail is above the water, the Everglades kite, which only eats snails, will find it.

The Apple Snail in the sawgrass habitat.



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