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Florida otters have very beautiful brown fur, the male is slightly larger and darker. An otter is about the size of a cat.

Otters are very good swimmers which is good because they mostly eat fish. The otter is not a fussy eater. It will eat small land animals, such as muskrats, shrews, and young beavers. But it catches most of its food in the Everglades waters. An otter will eat almost anything that swims or floats - fish, frogs, tadpoles, turtles, insects, even ducks and other birds.

Perhaps its favorite treats are the crayfish that live on the bottom of rivers and ponds. To find crayfish And other bottom dwellers, the otter dives all the way down and does a handstand. Then it pokes its nose into cracks, its stiff bristly nose whiskers feeling around in these nooks and crannies until they touch something. When this happens, it triggers the nerves in the otter's brain and the otter digs in. The otter usually feeds just after dusk and then again before dawn.

The female gives birth to two or three young. A baby otter is called a petang and it learns from its mother and father. The parents teach and protect their young. Alligators usually do not get otters because they swim too fast to be caught.

The Florida Otter lives in the Slough habitat.

Tiffany S.

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