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Red Rat Snake

Red Rat Snake picture

Another name for the Red Rat Snake is the Corn Snake. A corn snake is a small to medium-sized snake with a brightly colored pattern of orange and dark orange splotches. The body is fairly stout with a small head. It also have black splotches along its sides. This snake is one of the prettiest of all North American snakes.

Corn snakes eat rats and mice, which they kill by contriction before swallowing them head first. Their jawbone separates at the hinge, unlike ours, which allows them to swallow their food whole. In some areas of the United States, it is said that farmers put corn snakes in their cornfields to eat mice and rats. They also eat eggs.

Corn snakes live in the coastal areas of Florida and other southeastern states.

The Red Rat Snake lives in the pineland habitat.

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