Water, Water Everywhere

Almost three-fourths of the Earth's surface is covered in water. All living things depend on water for their survival.

Think about the neighborhood where you live or go to school. Is there a body of water nearby, such as an ocean or river? That's part of the hydrosphere.

Water in the oceans, clouds, lakes, rivers, and even underground is connected through the water cycle. Water is used and reused again and again by living organisms.

If you surf, swim, ski or snowboard, you come into direct contact with the hydrosphere. In fact, you could not spend more than 48 hours without drinking water. Without it you'd be sunk.

Human beings can affect the world's water supply. For example, in the USA we consume 300 billion liters (79 billion gallons) of water every single day.

Can you think of other ways that we affect the world's watery sphere? How could you conserve water in your home?

The following environmental educational activities were developed by students participating in the museum's UniTY program:


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