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World Vegetation

The biosphere, which surrounds the planet, can be divided into several major types of plants, or vegetation. Vegetation is different throughout the world because of changes in temperature, moisture and rainfall. This map only shows the vegetation on land; there are other kinds of vegetation in the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams.

The most biodiversity, or different kinds of life, is in the tropical rain forests, which appear dark green on this map. The dryest areas (deserts, dark brown) and the coldest areas (tundras, light blue) contain life which has adapted to survive in those areas.

Small Vegetation Map

Bigger Vegetation Map (60 k)   Biggest Vegetation Map (138 k)


Thought Questions

  • What type of vegetation is closest to your home town?
  • What type of vegetation is on the continent where you live?
  • What is the main type of vegetation in northern Africa? Antarctica?
  • Where are most tropical rain forests located? Where is the tundra?

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