Amanda (Chrycy) Thompson

Amanda (Chrycy) Thompson was born and raised in Miami, FL and currently resides in Pembroke Pines, FL. Formerly an audit manager at Grant Thornton, LLP, Amanda now devotes her time to raising her 7 month old daughter, Hayley. Growing up in Miami, Amanda frequented the museum and joined MiaSci Moms as a way to give back to the museum and the South Florida community as well as network with other local moms.

Lily Chiu

Lilly Chiu, is Founder of Morgan, a Strategic Planning and Consulting Practice. Lilian is also Chairperson of The Mangrove Project, a non-profit and serves as Adjunct Faculty, Broward College; Former Faculty, University of Miami and Board Member, FIU Alumni Association Board of Directors. According to Lilly, “The Miami Science Museum is one of those few places in Miami that span decades and generations. MiaSci is a moment in time where a myriad of generations of people like me, who are now moms, business owners and active citizens of a diverse Miami recall the integral role that MiaSci has played in every phase of our lives. For me, MiaSci was a wonderful active part of my teenage life, adult life and, most importantly, my life as a mom. I am so pleased to be a part of MiaSci Moms, in part because the Miami Science Museum has shared so much with our family. It is a pleasure to work hand in hand with some of the most brilliant and talented individuals in this community, and to be a small part of the incredible vision of the MiaSci Board of Trustees and its President Gillian Thomas.”

Raquel Diaz

As a mother of three children with varied ages (19, 17 and 7), Raquel Diaz’s goal is to find family outings that will engage her entire family. In 2006, she had the privilege of working for Miami Science Museum as an Early Childhood Project Coordinator and was able to incorporate all members of her family into the Museum. Whether it was to volunteer at summer camp or to participate in an exhibit opening, her three children loved the time they spent at the Museum. Raquel is currently a professor at the University of Florida, and although she isn’t working at the Museum now, she still feels connected to it. She is thrilled to be a MiaSci Mom and to have another opportunity to bring the Museum back into her family’s life.

Yashica Brown-Rogne

Yashica Brown-Rogne and her six year old son love science! As a homeschooling family, museums and libraries play a huge part in daily life. Yashica joined MiaSci Moms because it gives her the opportunity to share ideas with other like-minded women while contributing to a great cause and sharing the great news about the efforts and energy of Miami Science Museum.

Zaria Walter

Zaria Walter grew up in Boston, MA and moved to Miami after attending Rollins College. As a member of the Junior League of Miami, Zaria was introduced to the museum as a meeting spot for the monthly general membership meeting and was immediately drawn to the exhibits and history of the venue. After Zaria had her daughter in 2008, she began looking for fun activities that they both could enjoy. She began visiting the museum and watched, with the pleasure, her daughter’s enjoyment of everything that the museum had to offer.

Marlene Hidalgo

Marlene Hidalgo has worked as a science teacher for learning disabled students for over ten years. Growing up in Miami, she visited the Miami Science Museum on school field trips as well as with her family. She thanks the museum for sparking her interest in science and astronomy. She has a five year old daughter and three year old son who are also huge fans of the museum. She joined MiaSci Moms to be a part of a group of diverse moms who share her interest in science and contribute to the community.