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In collaboration with Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the Museum has recruited a total of 80 middle school girls (2 cohorts of 40) to take part in 18 months of continuous programming. As an introduction to the sophisticated 3D software, girls spent the first several days of the 4-week summer design institute engaged in hands-on geometry challenges, allowing them to come to grips with measurement, metric units, tessellations, and a variety of geometric shapes. They then used a set of learning cards developed by the Museum to acquire basic mastery of the 3D StudioMax virtual reality software. During the final two weeks of the summer program, girls worked in teams to design and develop their virtual reality projects, creating exciting 3D worlds that reflected their interests, including such masterpieces as a futuristic amusement park, a very haunted house, and a Smart-Mall.


Students working with
Learning Cards
Students in planning
stage of their projects
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field trip

View gallery Outings to local malls, food courts and attractions provided girls with the opportunity to look for architectural design ideas, and to capture digital images for incorporation into their virtual reality projects. Some of the trips provided girls with first-hand experience of advanced graphics and 3D technology applications, such as visits to a local IMAX and a video arcade. Equally importantly, the trips also gave girls a break from their complex technology assignments, and a chance to "let their hair down!"

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family event

At the end of each academic year and each summer session,
the GREAT! girls View gallery hosted an event for the families of the GREAT! participants. These events provided the girls with a chance to present their final projects and to celebrate their accomplishments.

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public presentation

As one the key components of their experience in GREAT!, each team of participants was required to spend several weekend days presenting their final virtual reality project to Museum visitors. This experience was intended to share the girls' virtual exhibits with the visitors while at the same time strengthening participants' communication and presentation.

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