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Girls Redesigning and Excelling in Advanced Technology (GREAT!)

GREAT! was designed in response to the national need to increase the numbers of traditionally under-represented students who pursue advanced studies and careers related to science-based disciplines in general and information technology (IT) in particular.

The overall goal of GREAT! is to raise interest and skills in advanced technology applications among middle school girls, particularly girls of color.

Objectives are:

  • To build girls' confidence and expertise with advanced technology applications.
  • To engage girls in the use of advanced technology to solve real-world problems.
  • To strengthen girls' communication and presentation skills.
  • To contribute to and inform the field through a comprehensive evaluation of project outcomes.

Program Overview

GREAT! builds on research-based best practices related to gender equity in science education, which identlfys several key elements for engaging girls in IT, including:

  • Single-sex programming
  • Cooperative learning approaches
  • Incorporation of female role models, instructors, and mentors
  • Embedding technology skills into a problem or context of relevance to girls.
    GREAT! incorporates all of these key elements into its program strategies.