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Welcome to my homepage!!!!!!!
My name is  Angela and I am a student at Shenangoah Middle school.I am in seventh grade.

About My Interests

I am interested in computers, science, math, having fun, school, and enjoying myself. I am
very exited to be with other girls who also enjoy science, engineering and technology.

Miami Museum of Science

About where I was born

I was born in Cuba. I dislike temperature below 32 °.

Other interesting things about me

I like to eat weird foods. Like spagetti with mayo and mustard. I also eat ice cream  with nesquick chocolate and milk.

I like to go out with frinds. I like going to the movies,fairs, and camps. I like skating.
i'm also in the tennis group of my school as well as the volley and basket ball teams. I love sports as well as hanging out with guys and things like that.

photo, Alexander                         Alexander  photo image, 's field kit
By: Angela Ballester
Alexander was born in  June 18,1886. His complete name was Frank Alexander , but he never used his first name. He became an ornithologist and an avian paleontologist. In 1909 he was hired as a bird taxidermist. From 1910 to 1924 he worked with the  U.S. Bureau of Biological Survey  Department of Agriculture. In 1913 he began  bird banding as a part  of water flow management. In 1914 he started a research  that ended in 1915 and he was able to demostrate that ducks die after eating  lead shot. In 1925 he was appointed as assistant secretary of the  Smithonian Institution. In 1927 's work indicated that  the yellow-shouldered  blackbirdonce occured through out Puerto rico. died in 1978. He still continued research at the smithonian for another quater century until his dying day.

I decided to do my research on Alexander because i had never heard of him before. I thought it would be interesting to learn something new. Something I haden't learned about before and it actually was pretty cool to learn about his life and the things he accomplished during his life time.



Questions & Answers

Please tell us about the women you know who have a math or science career. Do you know women who are scientist, mathematitians, engineers, or work with computers? Are there any women like this in your family? In your family's circle of friends?

I know  a couple women who are  very capable in the areas of science an  math. I knopw one woman who is very smart she is my business  teacher. she holds a doctors degree on computer specialist as well as her teaching master. She is certanly a great role model to have. Another woman I admire is my gomother. She is  a  doctor as well as the leading specialist in the E.R. of the Miami Jackson Hospital. In my famili's  circle of friends there are many women as well as men who are  in the areas of work that involve either some kind of science or math.