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About Me

Welcome to my home page.
My name is Anjelica (A.K.A jelli) and I am a student at Lake Stevens Middle school.I am in seventh grade.

About my interests

I am am interested in sports, clothes,boys,and music hanging out with my friends . I am very excited to be with the other girls who enjoy science and engineering.I like to listen to rap and R and B artists, such as Aaliyah, Ja Rule, Ginuwine, B2K and Lil Bow Wow

Great WWW girl sites

Miami Musuem of Science
Love Calculator
Lil BowWow
Ja Rule

About where I was born

I was born at Mercy hospital in Miami, Florida. I dislike weather below 25°
Iwas 6 pounds and 10 ounces. Also I was 20 inches long.


Other interesting things about me

I also play the piano and want to learn how to play alto sax.

Do you know any women who are scientists,engineers etc. ?

I know many women who are in the science,math or technology field. Jojo (one of my mentors) is currently attending university of Miami for biology. There are not any women in my family os family's cicle of friends.

Excerpt from: Jelli's research

    Pakal resigned as one of Palenque's most important rulers from 615 to 638 AD. His tomb lay hidden in the base of the tallest prymaids, Temple of Inscriptions found by Alberto Ruz in 1952. In the floor of the temple Ruz discovered a stone slab that covered the entrance to a long staircase. The stairwell was filled with rubble and took three years to clear.A tomb was found at the bottom of the stairs known today as Pakal's tomb. The tomb was built around a five ton sarcophagus and contained Pakal's mortal remains.

Pakal's head    
Temple of Inscriptions    
Pakal's tomb

My Pictures

This is me Jelli
These are my friends!
This is my friend, Rebecca
This is my best friend, Jaimie who also attends Lake Stevens Middle.