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About me

Welocome to my Homepage.
My name is Kirsten and I'm a student at Cutler Ridge Middle School. I'm in 7th grade

About my interest

I'm interested in Boys, Danceing,theater,shoping and hanging out with my friends.I'm very excited to be here with other girls who are intrested in scienc amd engineering.


Great www Girl Sites

Miami Museum of Science                                

About where I was born

I live in miami florida and dislike weather below 60 degrees                                                                                   


Kirsten & Muhil

My other interest

  My Goals

My goals are to finish school, go to collage,get a sucessful job.I also hope to finnish this program. I will like to make new friends.My goals for school are to get good grades, pass my midterms and not get into CSI..Those are my goals.


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