During Hurricane Charley (2004) this home was one of many that was serverely damaged. Image courtesy of FEMA/Mark Wolfe.

Research conducted with the Wall of Wind (WOW) has led to many changes in the Florida Building Code and new building materials. Simple changes such as adding grooves to a nail can make the difference between keeping your roof, or not, during a hurricane. Pre-Andrew roofs allowed for the use of staples and smooth nails. Post-Andrew research lead to the requirement of shank nails and/or hurricane straps in the construction of all roofs.

Other innovations include impact resistant glass for windows and doors, which reduce energy costs as well as provide protection! There are also aluminum or plastic hurricane shutters that can be custom fit for your home. These are all recommended. Plywood can also work if you buy it early enough in advance to properly fit it and secure it to your windows. Remember, never tape your windows for protection, this will not stop flying debris!.

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