2001 National Award for
Museum and Library Service

Last September, the Museum and it's youth development programming was honored with the prestigious IMLS National Award for Museum and Library Service. According to IMLS, the principal criterion for selection is the museum's commitment to public service through exemplary and innovative programs and community partnerships.

In the words of First Lady Bush, "I am pleased to present the National Awards for Museum and Library Service. This year's recipients are doing remarkable things; they are enriching lives and connecting people to each other and to the world. They are making a difference in their communities. I congratulate each of them for their dedication and enthusiasm."

Digital Stepping Stones Award


In 1998, the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute recognized the Museum and it's programs in youth development as a model program under its Digital Steppingstones (DSS) initiative. The initiative sheds light on exemplary practical uses of technology in diverse learning environments, including libraries, community centers, and K-12 schools where all members of the community--young and old, immigrant and native-born--have access to meaningful programs that provide useful lifelong knowledge which can be applied in today's society.

The three-year project explored the role that advanced telecommunications technologies play in low-income and minority communities throughout the United States. Where, how, and by whom are these new technologies being used? Are they improving the quality of life for people in low-income, minority communities, and if so, how? And what can be done to ensure that people from all walks of life have an equal opportunity to benefit from these new technologies?