Dear Mom, Happy Birthday from the Arctic!

We have had a few birthdays while on this ship (including mine), but we also recently had a birthday back home, and I wanted to say happy birthday from the Arctic to my mom, who, as my brothers and I have always discussed, is the best mom ever! (And a P.S. to the best dad, brothers, family and friends ever, even if it’s not your birthdays…)


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2 Responses to Dear Mom, Happy Birthday from the Arctic!

  1. Fran says:

    What an amazing birthday wish coming all the way from the Arctic! Your mom, dad, brothers n family think you are pretty amazing yourself. Give Willy a hug for me!

    • lindsay says:

      I’m glad you liked your surprise birthday wish from the Arctic! It was the next best thing I could do at the time, since I couldn’t beam myself home in person to say happy birthday! Willy will make a trip home to meet everyone too. :)

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