Earn An Arctic Badge!

Two official digital badges are available for those following and interacting with me and the expedition as I share updates from aboard the Akademik Fyodorov during the Arctic expedition.

When earned, digital badges can be shared on social media sites or saved in an online portfolio as evidence of lifelong learning, interests and skills. Click below to claim your official Arctic Expedition badges.

Arctic Scout BadgeArctic Scout:
This badge recognizes those who are closely following the international Arctic expedition on social media.
Claim this official badge!


Arctic Co-Explorer BadgeArctic Co-Explorer:
This special badge recognizes those who have gone a step further and have shared questions or comments for me or the scientists using social media.
Claim this official badge!

Credly Verified IssuerThe Miami Science Museum is a Verified Issuer of digital badges. The Museum’s expedition badges are issued with the support of Credly, and can be shared on social media, Credly, or other Mozilla “Open Badge” compatible sites.

Credit: The official digital badges for the Arctic expedition were illustrated by Dan LaSota, Instructional Designer with UAF eLearning at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Special thanks to Dan and UAF for their generous support of Arctic expedition badges.

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