Family Photos!

At the end of the expedition, it is only fitting that we have a “family photo,” also known as “the group photo of the entire team who made the expedition a success.” We all gathered at the biggest open space on the ship, on the huge heli-deck, and here we are! (Plus a few more as we were all on the deck, and then as were all finally back on land!)

Check back, some of our expedition results and “report card” still to come! (Hint: Keyword = success)


The big “family photo”


The NABOS Summer School instructors and students


Some of the NABOS 2013 Science Team


Representing the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


Some Summer School students giving Director Vladimir Alexeev a lift.






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8 Responses to Family Photos!

  1. JudiL says:

    As hard as it is to say ‘so long’, the friends made and peer/mentor connections has to be wonderful! To the future, scientists! We need your help!

    • lindsay says:

      Hi Judy! Thanks again for the message! It has been so much fun to have all of our families following along on the expedition along with students and everyone else. It was definitely a happy/sad moment to leave the ship – it was exciting to stand on solid ground and go see our families and friends, but also bittersweet, because we all learned so much and had to say goodbye to new friends – not goodbye through, just “see you later.” :)

  2. Nathaly Benavides says:

    Hi Lindsay!
    Whats the initial reason for this expedition into the arctic ? Is it pure research or is there a problem at hand that needed to be solved ?

    • lindsay says:

      Dear Nathaly, this was definitely an expedition meant to help understand and solve a problem. The goal was to deploy instruments and get data and make observations to better understand the Earth’s climate – because there are changes happening in the climate that we see happening now, and we need to know more about the causes and effects.

  3. Nicolas Perez says:

    How does it feel leaving the scientist you have work with. Also have you made any new close friends??

    • lindsay says:

      Hi Nicolas, it was very bittersweet to leave all the people that I spent so much time with over the past several weeks. I know we were all excited to see our families and friends, but we all definitely made some new friends that I think we will “take with us” down the road in life. We all live all over the place around the world, but there’s always Facebook – plus new friends to visit in the future!

  4. Shannon Larson says:

    H Lindsay, are you thinking of going to the Arctic again to do more research? If you are, when do you think you will go?

    • lindsay says:

      Hi Shannon, I would love to go back to the Arctic for another research expedition, but I have no idea when that would be, because these are really rare opportunities!

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