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How is the ocean becoming more acidic, and what does that mean for us and other animals?





How does the ocean “soak up” heat and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?





Try an Arctic Crossword Puzzle





Calculate Your Own Carbon Emissions



carbon cycle game


Navigate a Carbon Puzzle Game





Polar Ice Melt: Salty and Fresh Water



More Activities to Try in School or at Home

Alliance for Climate Education
Climate and Energy Lessons
Take Action Plans

Rainforest Alliance
Climate Educator Guide – A Tropical Case Study
Climate Educator Guide – The Carbon Cycle

Science Education Resource Center
Climate Change Classroom and Lab Activities
Understanding the Carbon Cycle – A Jigsaw Approach

Environmental Protection Agency
Trash and Climate Change
Global Warming Wheel Card

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
Greenhouse Effect Activity
Greenhouse Effect Activity Key

NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory
Carbon Cycle Activity

NASA Earth Observatory
The art and science of remote sensing observations of the Earth

Climate Choices
Climate Change Activities

NASA ClimateKids
Climate Activities – Ocean, Air, Carbon Cycle, Green Technologies

National Center for Atmospheric Research
Global Climate Activities
The Carbon Cycle

Northwestern University Office of STEM Education Partnerships
Climate Change Activities (Middle School Through College Level)

Global Climate and Earth Science Activities

Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Climate Classroom Activities, Grades 1-12

The Franklin Institute
The Greenhouse Effect in a Jar

University of North Carolina Environmental Resource Program
Carbon Dioxide and the Greenhouse Effect

California Academy of Sciences
Carbon Cycle Poster and Activity

Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence
Carbon Cycle Game

U.S. Global Change Research Program
Climate Activities, Tools, and Facts


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