NOT Goodbye – See You Later!


Photo from our last day of the expedition, taken from the top deck of the ship.
It’s just “see you later!”
Photo from Antoine Barthélemy

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6 Responses to NOT Goodbye – See You Later!

  1. heaven jones says:

    What is the most memorable thing you have done on your expedition?

    • lindsay says:

      The most memorable thing I did was definitely being lowered by a crane onto the ice, and walking on the frozen ocean at the top of the world. That’s a story I’ll tell for my whole life!

  2. heaven jones says:

    would you ever go back to the artic?

  3. kenya hodge says:

    hi i am student in mrs.gulibert class what best part of artic

    • lindsay says:

      Hey Kenya, one of the best things was the feeling of being there. Because it’s so rare, and the view is so cool, and the science so interesting and important. To see ice in white and translucent blues and greens was beautiful, to meet scientists and learn about how we study this environment in order to understand the climate was inspiring, and to share it with you and other students on the blog was awesome! (I may have chosen more than one thing there, but it’s too hard to choose!)

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