Project! Glacier Heat

Glaciers are ice, and ice is cold. But heat plays an important a role in glacier dynamics. In our project for this Glaciology Summer School, we are looking at all the ways that heat flows in and out of the glacier surface, starting with how weather conditions affect glacier flow. We are developing a computer program in which we can input weather data recorded from a weather station placed on the glacier surface, that we can use to see how weather conditions correlate with the melting rate of the glacier. Programs like this that can accurately relate weather conditions to glacier conditions will be a key tool in helping us understand – as well as predict – how a warming climate affects icy glaciers.

- Noel, Shaun, Andy, Kathrin

mini-Noel project_Nordic_station

A weather station similar to that which took the data used in this project. The station in this photo, involved in one of the students’ research, is based on Nordic Glacier in British Columbia, Canada.

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