Technical Difficulties!

Well, what I have been worried about happening has now happened – technical dificulties! I can feel how remote our location really is. And it’s funny because I was just about to write a post explaining to all of you just how I have been able to get these stories and pictures sent out to you on the blog, Twitter, and Instagram, when I have pretty much zero internet/mobile access. Because it is quite the behind-the-scenes process to make it work! So I can’t send the stories or photos yet today, or answer your most recent questions and comments. This short post was all I was able to get through. But hopefully I’ll be back “online” soon!

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2 Responses to Technical Difficulties!

  1. Zenaida Debesa says:

    Is it important to have an extraordinary amount of knowledge in math and science to overcome obstacles in the arctic? Would it be difficult to perform experiments and comprehend (why things are the way they are and why things happen) i the arctic without knowing much of math skills or science skills?

    • lindsay says:

      Hi Zenaida, yes, science and math are crucial to understanding what is going on in the Arctic, although it is also very much a teamwork kind of environment. Scientists need to have knowledge and skill in a certain area, and then they work with other scientists who have different skills and knowledge of different details. For example, on the ship, we had people who were experts in atmospheric science, working with people who were experts in oceanography, working with people who were experts in sea ice. If you want to understand the Arctic system, you need all those people. A lot of other science and math comes in when you have to build and operate the equipment, and analyze the data! But also I have to say, science is all about looking at the world and asking “why” and then trying to figure out the answer. So you are behaving like a scientist, just by asking these questions! :)

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