The pH Factor

Authentic or Project Assessment

Below is a sample e-mail letter you might have your students use.


Dear (name of school),

Our class is currently using a science unit of study on the World Wide Web called The pH Factor. It can be found at this address:

We are trying to collect data from five different schools located in five different geographical locations. We would like each school to collect rain water once a month and test the pH level. We were wondering if a class from your school would collect samples of rain water found around your school and then test the pH level of each sample. If this could be done once a month over a three month period and then share the results with us we would greatly appreciate it.

We plan on tracking information from around the nation and possibly the world. We will share with you all information that we collect.

Thank you for your interest and help.


(student's first name and last initial, teacher, and school)


Authentic Assessment


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