The pH Factor

Examine . . . the student's understanding.

What the student does that is consistent with this model

  • Answers open-ended questions by using observations, evidence, and previously accepted explanations.
  • Demonstrates an understanding or knowledge of the concept or skill.
  • Evaluates his or her own progress and knowledge.
  • Uses alternative assessments to demonstrate their understanding of the concept/topic.

What the teacher does that is consistent with this model

  • Observes the students as they apply new concepts and skills.
  • Assesses students' knowledge and/or skills.
  • Looks for evidence that the students have changed their thinking or behaviors.
  • Allows students to assess their own learning and group-process skills.
  • Asks open-ended questions like:
    • Why do you think . . . ?
    • What evidence do you have?
    • What do you know about . . . ?
    • How would you explain . . . ?

Alternative Assessment

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