The pH Factor

Explain . . . the concept and define the terms.

What the student does that is consistent with this model:

  • Uses various informational resources, group discussions, and teacher interaction to derive definitions and explanations of the chosen concept.
  • Explains possible solutions or answers to others' explanations.
  • Listens critically to others' explanations.
  • Questions others' explanations.
  • Listens to and tries to comprehend explanations the teacher offers.
  • Refers to previous activities.
  • Uses recorded observations in explanations.

What the teacher does that is consistent with this model:

  • Encourages the students to explain concepts and definitions.
  • Asks for justification (evidence) and clarification from students.
  • Formally provides definitions, explanations, and new labels.
  • Uses students' previous experiences as the basis for explaining new concepts.

Explaining pH 

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