The pH Factor

Explore . . . to satisfy curiosity.

What the student does that is consistent with this model:

  • Uses inquiry to explore and investigate; to satisfy his/her curiosity about the chosen concept/topic.
  • Thinks freely, but within the limits of the activity.
  • Tests predictions and hypotheses.
  • Forms new predictions and hypotheses.
  • Experiments with alternatives and discusses then with others.
  • Records observations and ideas.
  • Suspends judgements.

What the teacher does that is consistent with this model:

  • Encourages the students to work together with minumum supervision.
  • Observes and listens to the students.
  • Asks probing questions to redirect the students' investigations when necessary.
  • Provides time for students to work through problems.
  • Acts as a facilitator.

pH Panel 

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