Using The pH Factor in the Classroom

The pH Factor is designed as a resource to help elementary and middle school teachers introduce acids and bases to their students.

Materials are organized using a conceptual framework called the Seven E's: Excite, Explore, Explain, Expand, Extend, Exchange, and Examine. This model can be used in a linear fashion or each E can stand alone.

Each E contains an intercactive screen and lesson plans. The interactive screens can be used directly in the classrooms, either with individual students or groups. The lesson plans are designed to be read by teachers and modified to fit their specific classroom needs.

For example, the Explore section contains an interactive activity called the pH Panel. This panel can be used by individual students, student groups, or the whole class to investigate the pH of commonly found objects. Underneath the pH Panel is a list of related lessons, which the teacher would most likely prepare in advance. No particular lesson sequence is suggested.

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