The pH Factor

pH Table

Below is a list of some common substances and their pH's. Do you see any patterns? Which substances would be safe to touch? Which would be unsafe? What is the pH range of most foods?

pH Substance Base
14.0 Sodium Hydroxide
13.0 Lye
12.4 Lime (Calcium hydroxide)
11.0 Ammonia
10.5 Milk of Magnesia
8.3 Baking Soda
7.4 Human Blood
7.0 Pure Water Neutral
6.6 Milk Acid
4.5 Tomatoes
4.0 Wine & Beer
3.0 Apples
2.2 Vinegar
2.0 Lemon Juice
1.0 Battery Acid
0 Hydrochloric Acid

Water and pH


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