The pH Factor

Alternative Assessment

The paradigm shift in education from the traditional teacher directed classroom to a more active learning, student based classroom has created the need for educators to re-evaluate the ways they have previously assessed student learning. The push to better examine what students are really learning has led to the refinement of assessment alternatives.

Most alternative assessment strategies share a common vision:

  • Ask students to perform, create, produce or do something.
  • Tap higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Use tasks that represent meaningful instructional activities.
  • Invoke real world applications.
  • People, not machines, do scoring, using human judgement.
  • Require new instructional and assessment roles for teachers.

Alternative Assessment can be any type of measurement, except multiple choice or true/false. It usually involves an extended, multi-step production tasks, such the carrying out a project, or open ended questions without a single correct answer. Students are rated by their own teacher or another teacher according to previously agreed-upon standards.

CLICK on any of the following Alternative Assessments for examples on how to use that specific type of assessment in the pH Factor.

Performance Based Assessment

Authentic or Project Assessment

Portfolio Assessment

Journal Assessment

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