The pH Factor

Performance Based Assessment

Are the students able to classify acids and bases with a common household indicator? Try the assessment below, or find out more about performance based assessment.



Label all cups and bottles.
several quarts of water, each mixed with a different acid or base

1 pitcher cabbage water
1 8-oz. cup for each group

8 1-oz. cups for each group


What To Do

Repeat the Mysterious Solutions Activity with new solutions and ask the students to catorgorize the solutions into acids and bases. The students need to be able to explain how and why they were able to classify the solutions into acid, base or neutral solutions.



Have the Materials Handlers PASS out the following to each group: 1 8-oz. cup of cabbage water; 8 1-oz. cups, each with a different testing solution.



Have the Equipment Handlers POUR a small amount of cabbage water into each cup of testing solution. HAVE the Recorders RECORD the color changes.



Invite the Speakers to PRESENT their group's results to the class. Have the groups CLASSIFY the solutions into acid, base, and neutral solutions and EXPLAIN to the class how they decided which category to place each solution.



Authentic or Project Assessment


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