The pH Factor

Portfolio Assessment

Can students create a Portfolio of their work in the pH Factor? Try the assessment below, or find out more about portfolio assessment.


several quarts of water, labeled and mixed with acid or base solutions
1 8-oz. cup for each group
1 pitcher cabbage water
8 1-oz. cups for each group
lab sheet
presentation sheet


What To Do

Have each group USE the lab sheets and presentation sheets to RECORD the information theyCOLLECT for each of their experiment they do in The pH Factor. These can then be added to a group science portfolio.




Have the groups SORT all the solutions tested in Mysterious Solutions by pH. Have groups DRAW diagrams of the cups lined up in a modified pH scale, from red to purple. Diagrams of experiment procedures or results can also be added to portfolios.




Have students RESEARCH pH on the Internet using our pH Hotlist or Go to find web pages and e-mail addresses. Keywords like "chemistry", "pH" or "acid rain" would allow students to begin a pH search. INCLUDE Internet information and e-mail from experts in a portfolio.




-Journal Assessment

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