The pH Factor

Journal Assessment

What kinds of journals can students keep while using the pH Factor? Try the assessment below, or find out more about Journal Assessment

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This assessment is based on Howard Gardener's theory of multiple intelligences. See the resources below for more information:

  • San Jose Elementary School - Florida's first mutiple intelligence school.

  • Nueva School- a private pre-kindergarten through eighth grade school in Hillsborough, California that utilizes Gardener's theories.

What To Do

Have students CREATE a Reflection Journal which specfically targets a variety of the seven intelligences.




Have students WRITE in their Reflection Journal an insight or thought that occurred to them as they did the pH activities. This type of journal entry uses the "Intrapersonal Intelligence".




Have students ILLUSTRATE an idea or experiment from the pH activities thereby ultilizing their "Visual-spatial Intelligence".





Have students CREATE or FIND a song or melody that relates to the pH activities. The "Musical-rhythmic Intelligence" can assist students in the memorization of valuable data.




Have students LIST or RECORD any interesting patterns your student's noticed as they did the pH activity. This utilizes the "Logical-mathematical Intelligence".




Have students WRITE about the pH activities, including both what happened and their feelings about what happened. One of the most common journal entries, this taps "Verbal-linguistic Intelligence".




Have students WRITE, RECORD, or VIDEOTAPE what they would want to share with others about the pH activity. Another common entry, this is referred to as "Interpersonal Intelligence".




Have students VIDEOTAPE or PHOTOGRAPH body movements or gestures that represent a feeling or concept from the pH activities, and include tapes or photos in their journals. This uses their "Body-Kinesthetic Intelligence".

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