What We Found Out from Books and the Internet

A Pigeon in Flight

Using a Wacom tablet, we traced pictures from the Project Pigeonwatch manual. Then we used GIF Builder to create an animated pigeon in flight.

Rock Dove versus Mourning Dove

Our school is located in Homestead, Florida, which is a largely rural area. Most of the doves we see are not pigeons. Pigeons are called rock doves; most of our doves are called mourning doves. In order to enrich our investigation one of our pigeon teams traveled to nearby downtown Miami, where there are many more pigeons.

Rock Dove (Pigeon)

Illustration: Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Mourning Dove

Photo: National Biological Service

Our media specialist, Marcia Pitt, took this picture of a dove in her front yard. Is it a rock dove (pigeon) or a mourning dove? Click on the picture to find out.

Pigeon Color Morphs

Not all pigeons look alike. Our Project Pigeonwatch manual claims, "Some pigeon fanciers...can identify up to 28 different color morphs!" Different color morphs have different feather patterns, and sometimes have differently colored beaks, feet, and eyes. You can find out about the following eight color morphs from the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology.

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